At this moment, there is no cure for Fabry disease. The symptoms and health problems may be managed with different types of treatment. For more information about treatment of these specific symptoms/problems, please discuss with your doctor.  

Enzyme replacement therapy

Fabry disease is a condition for which Enzyme Replacement Therapies (ERT) are available in many countries. These ERTs aim to replace the natural enzyme and thereby to remove GL-3 from the cells prevent further accumulation in the cells.  

ERT is injected slowly into the bloodstream through a vein usually in the arm or hand. This is called an ‘intravenous infusion’ (or IV infusion for short). The infusion is often given in a hospital/clinic at first. In the long term, some patients may be suitable to receive their infusions at home without having to attend the hospital every time. Your doctors would decide if you are suitable for home infusions.

For more information about treatment for Fabry disease, please discuss with a doctor.

In case you experience any adverse event during any treatment for Fabry disease, please contact your treating physician immediately.